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Home-Start Volunteers come from and all walks of life, such as :


Young mothers who help other young mums

Parents whose children have just started school

Parents whose children have now left home

Grandparents who have a few hours to spare each week


Just fill in the Volunteers Application Form and post it to us.


They are just ordinary people, of various ages, with a little spare time on their hands, who have had experience of the challenges and difficulties of bringing up children, who want to help others through similar problems.







Here are some comments from some Home Start Volunteers

"I have gained immense personal satisfaction from my visits."

"I feel privileged to have been accepted into such a delightful family."

"The Reward for giving a little of my own time is immense."

"Each week when I arrive I am greeted by enthusiastic cuddles and beaming smiles from the children - what could be better than that?"


another said:

"I'm a mum with two children. One of them has various problems, so I understand the pressures of family life. I've been lucky - help has always been there for me.
Now it's my turn to help - because I can. Being a Volunteer is something I am very proud of.




If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer, but have some questions about what's involved, hopefully we can answer them here:



Q1.  I have children of my own, with a little time to spare now.
I'd like to help, but don't know what to do.
Ans.   Don't worry, many of our Volunteers are apprehensive at first. The main thing is you have experience, and want to help. We will give you all the training and support you need.


Q2.  Will I be the right sort of person to support a family?
Ans. Home-Start volunteers are all ages and from all walks of life. 
All that we ask of you is that you have experience of bringing up children and can spare between two and fours a week. Where possible, we try to match the Volunteers skills and experience with the needs of the family.
For Example, a Volunteer who has had experienced post-natal depression, or has had twins, would ideally be placed with a family in a similar situation.


Q3.  I’m not a parent, can I still get involved?
Ans.   Yes you can. We always need volunteers, parents or non-parents who could support  our scheme by helping with fundraising activities or joining our Management Board, or getting involved in the running of Home-Start scheme.



Q4.  How much spare time do I need to work as a volunteer?

Ans.   This depends on you. You will need to be able to visit a family once a week for 2 or 3 hours. After spending some time with a family, you may feel that
you need to provide more or less support – this can be discussed with the family you are helping. You will also need time to train to prepare yourself for all aspects of your role with Home-Start.


Q5.  What would visiting a family involve?
Ans. This varies. You could spend time with a young parent, helping to build their confidence as they adapt to life with a small baby, or share an outing with a
family who finds getting out of the house difficult. The visits might involve offering an extra pair of hands to a family with several
children or providing a listening ear to a mother who is suffering from postnatal illness.


Q6.  As a volunteer, what kind of support can I expect from Home-Start?
Ans.   All volunteers receive support and attend a mandatory course of training to maintain certain practice standards. You will never have to deal with unfamiliar
situations on your own, as an Organiser will always be on hand to guide you. Also, all your out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed.


Q7. What do I gain from being a Home-Start volunteer?
Ans. As a parent you’ll know just how tough it can sometimes be. By offering regular support and friendship, you represent a lifeline for many
families who are finding it hard to cope. Helping other families can be a very uplifting experience. You may even make some new friends. If you are thinking about returning to paid work, becoming a Home-Start volunteer can help develop new skills and valuable experiences to add to your CV.



To find out more about what's involved in becoming a Home Start Volunteer, please Contact Maggie on 01625 511 611 or

Just fill in the Volunteers Application Form and post it to us.