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Useful Information

If you are a parent with at least one child under the age of five who may need some sort of assistance, then we at Home-Start Butser may be able to help you.

We often find that families who may be seeking some help, nevertheless have a number of questions or reservations about us at Home Start, who exactly we are, and how we could possibly be of any assistance

We have tried here below to answer those which are most frequently asked.

We hope you will find our answers satisfactory, and they put your mind to rest that we can indeed help you.

If so, please get in touch with us.

If not, please don't be afraid to Contact us, tell us about your concerns and reservations, and we will do our best to reassure you.

Q1   Am I eligible for Home-Start support?

Answer.....Any parents with at least one child under five years old are eligible.
Q2.  I have young children and I am worried about letting a stranger
into my house.      Are Home-Start volunteers police-checked?

Answer.....Before volunteers are accepted onto the Home-Start scheme, their references are carefully scrutinised and their details are police-checked.
Q3.  I want to bring up children my own way.
Will the volunteer interfere?
Answer.....Home-Start volunteers are carefully selected and trained to offer help and support in an impartial and non-judgemental way.
Q4.  I feel inundated and find it tough to bring up a young family.
Can Home-Start volunteers help?


Answer.....Home-Start volunteers are friendly, caring people who know how to listen and enjoy the company of children.  They offer a mixture of practical help and emotional support. 
A typical visit might include going to the park or children's group with the whole family or helping you make or keep medical appointments; working with you to find out more about local services or further education ….  Or it might just mean having a cup of tea and a chat, while the children play at home.
Q5.  Will the volunteer be able to help me look after a disabled child?



Answer.....Home-Start volunteers and families are carefully matched so that the volunteer's experience and skills are of greatest benefit to the family they are helping. 
They also have knowledge of the resources within your local area to help you with finding other appropriate help.





Q6.     I am a lone parent and I need to work to support my family.
Can your volunteer help to look after my children when I’m out at work?
Answer.....While Home-Start volunteers can offer practical help, they are not home-helps, care workers or  baby-sitters although they occasionally perform all those tasks.  By understanding your needs, we may be able to help you find more appropriate support from other agencies.
Q7.     Do I need a professional referral?
Answer.....Sometimes families most in need of help are unaware that help is available.
Health care and other professionals who are in direct contact with you maybe the first to recognise your difficulties and offer suggestions of where to get help. With your permission, they may contact Home-Start and send us a form outlining the reasons for a referral. You can also self-refer.
Q8. Will anyone else find out?
Answer.....Home-Start support is confidential. Personal information about you and your family is not disclosed to anyone outside Home-Start without your consent, except where there is a concern about the safety or welfare of a child.
Q9. Can I choose my volunteer?
Answer.....Home-Start volunteers are carefully matched to the family’s circumstances.
They are  trained to provide the same standard of friendliness and understanding but of course, families may not always be satisfied with our support. If you are unhappy about any aspect of   Home-Start, let us know and we will do our best to put it right.
Q10 Do the volunteers have any relevant qualifications?
Answer.....All Home-Start volunteers undergo mandatory preparation and are regularly monitored and  reminded of Home-Start procedures
Q11. How much will it all Cost?
Answer.....Home-Start is a registered charity and the support we provide is TOTALLY FREE.
Q12. What if I change my mind?
Answer.....You choose whether or not to accept Home-Start support, and you can change your mind at any time. A volunteer will only visit on your invitation.
Q13 What exactly will the volunteer do to help my family?



Answer.....Home-Start volunteers all have experience of bringing up children and   understand the sorts of pressures families can face.
They offer free emotional and practical support to families who are finding it hard to cope. Your volunteer will visit you regularly at home and together you can decide how to spend that time.
Q14. Is Home-Start a Government scheme?
Does it receive Government funding?


Answer.....Home-Start is not a Government scheme. It is a charity.
The Government has provided funds for use by our national body, but this money is used largely to enhance the structure and expansion of the scheme as a whole.
Each individual Home-Start scheme must find sources of finance for its operation.
The national body provides local schemes with information, expertise, general support and training opportunities.
Q15. Is Sure-Start the same as Home-Start?
Answer...No.  Sure-Start is a Government scheme to help families who have a child or children under the age of 4, and who are experiencing difficulties.
Sure-Start Children's Centres will exist throughout the country, and will be a "one-stop" source of professional help.
Home-Start is a charity, which matches volunteers with families who have a child under 5 years of age.
Schemes exist throughout the country, and the main emphasis is on providing informal support by matching families with trained volunteers.
Q16 What if I have a complaint?
Answer.....You could talk to your volunteer, the Scheme secretary, Organiser   (their  details are on the contacts page), or the person who first put you in touch with Home Start.
If you still have concerns, your Scheme Management Board will look into them using our structured complaints procedure.
Q17 What do I do next?
Answer.....If you would like support then you can contact us directly and our Organiser will visit you at home to discuss your needs and decide whether Home-Start East Cheshire is appropriate for you.
You can also contact your health visitor, social worker or any other agency you are involved with and ask them to make the referral for you.
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Find out more about us, who we can help, what sort of help we can offer, and how to get in touch with us.