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Home Start Volunteers visit families in their own homes and offer regular support, friendship and practical help to families under stress. They help parents give their children the best possible start in life.

The role of a volunteer complements the work of professionals and offers an informal, flexible approach towards the families' needs.

Volunteers befriend and support parents who may feel depressed, isolated, exhausted or in need of a little practical help.


Home Start East Cheshire consists of volunteers who are located right across Cheshire East.

Our volunteers offer one on one support to families, normally on a weekly basis.

Just as there is no ‘typical’ Home Start family, similarly there is no such thing as a typical home start volunteer.

Different families need different qualities in a volunteer, so we try to attract as a diverse range of people into volunteering as possible.

Volunteers understand the stresses involved in bringing up children and are usually parents themselves, although we do take on non-parent volunteers.